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Nebuchanezzar was born in 635 BC to King Nabopalssar of Babylon.


610 BC-Nebuchanezzar becomes the leader of his father's army.

605 BC- King Nabopalssar dies and Nebuchanezzar takes power and launches an attack against Egypt and is successful.  Through this military success he gains more power, both militarily and politically. 

601 BC- launches another attack against Egypt, however, this time is defeated by  King Necho II. He sufferes serious losses

597 BC-launches a full out attack against Jerusalem.  He conquers King Jehoiakim, and took the captives back to Babylon and made them slaves.

The bible stories of Daniel are about this time.

571 BC- Sends his troops against Egypt once again, and this time conquers the city Tyre, which greatly extends his empire and adds wealth.

He built the world famous Hanging Gardens of Babylon.


He also lost his power for seven years and ended up in the wilderness looking like this.


This is a famous painting by an artist called William Blake about this time in his life.,r:0,s:0&tx=45&ty=64


He died 562 BC, and his son takes power. 


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