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Christmas Meditation

Glory to God, and peace on earth.
Musical, majestic, overpowering, awe inspiring,
What must it have been like to be there ?
To hear the music, to see the light,
To be scared, and excited and inspired?

Glory to God.
Today we recall the words, but we've lost the impact.
Glory to God.
 A command. An explanation. A proclamation.
The reason for the stable, the ministry and the cross.

And on earth, peace to mankind.
That's what follows,  give God his place and peace follows.
Peace between nations, peace between people
In towns, in neighbourhoods, in families
Peace within, inner peace.

Not just an end to warring and fighting, 
Not total agreement, not sameness, not blandness
But a deep understanding, acceptance, and respect
Towards others, and for ourselves.

We weren't there, but we are here now.
So how do we respond? How do I respond?
Do the words rock us, throw us to our knees?
Words to excite, and inspire and offer us hope.
Glory to God,  and peace on earth.

This Christmas,  may we give God glory and know his peace.

Christmas 2018.