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Take That

The Take That song KIDZ begins with these lines

Kings and Queens and Presidents , Ministers of Governments 

Welcome to the future of your world

Through talking heads that took liberties
The monkeys learnt to build machines
They think they'll get to heaven through the universe

They say nothing
Deny everything
And make counter accusations
My friends, my dear, my love, my God

It is a song of protest about what happens if young people turn away from the actions and attitudes that promote war and violence and instead go for peace.

The official video can be seen at 


The Brits version which in some ways is more dramatic can be seen at 


The lyrics can be found at 


Songwriters: Barlow, Gary; Donald, Howard; Orange, Jason; Owen, Mark Anthony; Williams, Robbie

So why is it here on this RBCC website?  Becasue jesus said "those that make peace are happy because they are blessed by God" (Matthew 5:8-10)

God calls us to an alternative way of doing things: Peace not violence, love not hate. Jesus also said  - unless you think like a child  you will not enter the Kingdom of God (Luke18:17).  Do we think we are too grown up for this?  Are you?  

Jimi Hendrix said "When the power of love replaces the love of power, the world will know peace".  That's not just global conflicts and wars in far away places - it works for our family, our street, our workplace too.  Will you allow that to happen?