Tribute to Jim and Myra

Tribute to and apprciation of Jim and Myra Craig

The Love of a Gentle Man

Our gramps was called to defend his country

As a soldier he stood in front of Lake Galilee

Blessed, our gentle gramps returned home, with war stories for friends and family

Of fair times and tragic times, that no one would ever forget.

As time moved on, he settled in, with his loving wife Myra


You would work doing the finance books for a haulage company

 And play the organ at church Sunday’s

A Scout master you were to all the boys, you’d teach the survival code


Your grand piano would be sat in the lounge, where you would play to your darling Myra

Our gramps was an excellent example of all things good

Never raised his voice in anger, with patience of a saint you lived happily for each other


The gift of a son named Donald entered and he was loved unconditionally,

as all children are.

She was mum and he was dad, said with special affection,


Three grandchildren arrived to complete this lovely family circle, a boy and two girls

We were so lucky to have a gramps like ours

Our brother followed him like a puppy, rods extended as they would wait for the fish to bite

Side by side, they would stand with faces full of delight.


You were called to heaven one day, before we said our goodbyes

You could not bear to be apart and grandma came to you, on your anniversary


Both of you are now together, safe in the arms of Jesus

We shall meet once again, till then you will always be remembered

God bless and keep you both

Our gentle man and loving gran

Love, Sheena, Donald and Emma Xxx 


Our Lady of the Manor

Our hearts feel so much pain, standing in your garden of memories we still see you there.

Our grandma Myra she was grand, we send her thanks for her gift of love.

She listened always to our troubles and lifted them to God in prayers

You had many things to say but always in a special caring way.

I remember grandma singing her hymns with almighty passion

I know she’s in a better place; she can now speak to God face to face.


Taking loving care of her notorious tomato plants and now we promise to continue

Hopefully they would be evergreen and spark

Your tomatoes with leaves of green, just like your decorations on Christmas eve

Best served you would say, on a sandwich with a touch of salt.


You had the gift of putting pen to paper, family photos with special memoirs on the back

special accounts from your own observations.


Your landscape drawings with so much detail, your shading with such tender precision.

Grandma I think your hands were gifted.


In your big room with foot on the pedal – grandma looked happy as she sewed

Her eyes gleamed with delight as she lifted dad’s jeans, to show him his newest patch


The only lady capable of keeping her boy in check

Her Christmas turkeys were always divine, pulling the wishbone was my favourite part


So keep your grandma’s close to you, because you know you need them to

Make time to spend together, as grandmas can’t last forever.


Shon, Daney and Emzy

                                                          written by grand daughter  Sheona Henderson (Craig) 

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